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Fairfax & Favor case study

Growing new customer acquisition via social media
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Fairfax & Favor are a luxury British brand selling premium leather and suede footwear and accessories online and at worldwide events.

Lane Media have been working with the brand since 2016, managing digital advertising across multiple channels including Paid Search, Social Media and Display.

It’s our job to increase e-commerce sales of Fairfax & Favors’ beautiful range of premium footwear and accessories, improve ROI, scale volume of new customers… all whilst keeping the cost per acquisition below £75 per purchase.


We adopted a fluid test, measure, refine and scale approach by harnessing the granular targeting and cost efficiency of Paid Social advertising outreach. This allowed us to maximise key product launches, events and buying seasons.

This ‘Always On’ campaign was formed of two strands of creative messaging – the welcome series (for new customers) and the post purchase series.

The Welcome Series The Welcome Series is a combination of hard sell, dynamic image and video formats, featuring call to action incentives such as free delivery, embossing and gift wrapping services and email data capture along with softer benefits, featuring information about the quality of the brand including craftsmanship videos.

The Post Purchase ads were served 20-30, 30-40 and 40-50 days after the customer’s received their item. This was because our data indicated that repeat purchasers tended to order again around a month after initial purchase, once they’ve had time to evaluate the quality and appearance of the product (and show their luxury purchases off to their friends).

We also found that October to December represented the biggest sales period and conversion opportunity for the brand, with gifting being a key reason for this. We used custom audience data in the form of GDPR-compliant email addresses to target people that had previously purchased gift-wrapping and embossing with their purchase.

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Like the Fairfax & Favor range, the results were looking great.

Our efforts in the development of the paid social strategy resulted in an additional £1.7m in attributable sales YoY.

ROI now stands at 31:1 spent on digital media, an astonishing x22 increase from the previous year figure of £1.38:1.

Cost per acquisition via social media came in at an average across the year of £30, less than half of the stated allowable CPA of £75.

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