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In-house media, that’s novel.

There aren’t many agencies these days that have an in-house media team. But for us, it’s a real advantage. It means when we’re planning a campaign, media isn’t bolted on, it’s an integral part of the thinking.

Judging from results the thinking is pretty good too. Our media strategists and buyers know exactly where your audience lives their lives – both on and offline. What they read. What they watch. What they listen to. They probably know what they’re thinking. But that’s bit creepy.

Media Strategy.

We like to think media strategy is a bit like getting past the bouncer where your audience hangs out. It takes smart thinking and planning as well as understanding audiences and niche markets too.

Digital Media.

Billboards, filmstrips, pushdowns, sidekicks and sliders. Don’t worry, we know what they are even if you don’t know or want to know.

The fact is digital is an ever-changing media landscape with new technologies and opportunities emerging every day. We’ll work with you to get the best results and not a word of technobabble, we promise.

Social Media.

From once being the maverick newcomer Social Media is now considered mainstream. We love it because you can target drilled-down distinct audiences by demographics and it's both measurable and accountable.

Our expertise is identifying the channels most relevant to your audiences and putting them to work within an integrated media strategy.

Media Buying.

With The Lane it’s the same team that do the buying as do the thinking (strategic media planning). That way the thinking is always joined up, all the way through your campaign. And we drive a hard bargain into the bargain.

Offline media.

At Lane we’re totally media neutral, it’s all about what does the job best. We don’t see traditional media as just the ‘best supporting act’. TV, Radio, Outdoor, Press, Offline working with Online – it’s all about orchestration.

And we’re hugely experienced when it comes to conducting the band.

Google Ad Grants - Adwords for nonprofits

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Google created the Grants program in 2013 to allow charities and non-profits the opportunity to advertise on Google – for free. Charities can receive up to $10,000 per month to spend on Google Paid Search advertising upon application to Google.

“Charities can receive up to $10,000 per month to spend on Google Paid Search advertising”

Google Ad Grants - Adwords for nonprofits As a Google Adwords certified partner, we’ve got first-hand experience of the benefits Google Grants has delivered to many charities and non-profits not only within the UK but around the world.

Google Grant computer

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