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  • The Next Generation - Inspiring Interns

    25 Jun 2015 BY Kay Cochrane

    “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in”

    - Leonardo da Vinci

    This year is the first year that I’ve worked with interns. There are no shortage of enthusiastic candidates, eagerly anticipating their first foray into agency life -portfolio in tow, shiny new mac in their bag.

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  • Starry Night

    19 Jun 2015 BY Ali Findlay

    The ‪#‎Laners‬ may have sore feet, but we have happy faces - a motivational night at the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards recognising industry excellence last night. Very happy with our lot!

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  • Pitch Perfect Etiquette

    18 May 2015 BY Ali Findlay

    If you were a betting man or woman, would you spend £15 trying to win £50 in a game where the odds were 4 to 1? Chances are, probably not. But that’s what agencies do every week; they spend time and money equating to up to maybe 30% of the potential value of pitch. And up to five other agencies are probably doing exactly the same

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