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  • Leaving the University Nest

    10 Aug 2015 BY Alison Hendry

    It’s been just over a year since I left university and began working life. My degree was in Business Studies; my final year included an Advertising Theories & Practice unit with a session on Advertising Agencies and how they operate. So when I landed at The Lane, I thought I would have it sussed! How wrong could I be?! The theory and reality are quite different, here’s what I’ve found:

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  • Fear & hope. Words of wisdom for aspiring creatives.

    01 Aug 2015 BY Ricky Stevens

    This just happens to be my first article. Ever.

    I've studied a lot. Read a lot. Listened a lot. Created a lot. Made a lot of mistakes. Laughed a lot. (Cried a little.)

    I’ve led many. Mentored many. Collaborated with many. Drank one too many. Learned from many. (Argued with a few.)

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  • There’s no I in Lane

    30 Jul 2015 BY Chris Bruce

    I love my job.

    Cheesy but true.

    So why would anyone love what can often be a highly stressful, high-pressure and at times knuckle-chewingly frustrating job they call ‘agency life’? 

    Well, because we solve problems, creatively every day.  Our team brings brands and ideas to life and several times a week we see the kind of client or team delight that makes the ride worthwhile.

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