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  • Fear & hope. Words of wisdom for aspiring creatives.

    01 Aug 2015 BY Ricky Stevens

    This just happens to be my first article. Ever.

    I've studied a lot. Read a lot. Listened a lot. Created a lot. Made a lot of mistakes. Laughed a lot. (Cried a little.)

    I’ve led many. Mentored many. Collaborated with many. Drank one too many. Learned from many. (Argued with a few.)

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  • There’s no I in Lane

    30 Jul 2015 BY Chris Bruce

    I love my job.

    Cheesy but true.

    So why would anyone love what can often be a highly stressful, high-pressure and at times knuckle-chewingly frustrating job they call ‘agency life’? 

    Well, because we solve problems, creatively every day.  Our team brings brands and ideas to life and several times a week we see the kind of client or team delight that makes the ride worthwhile.

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  • Being an Intern

    07 Jul 2015 BY Belen Mielgo

    Finding a placement can be a frustrating task, especially when it's all about standing out from the crowd. There is huge competition among design students and sharpening different skills is much appreciated by studios and agencies. We can’t all be ready-made designers but any skill we are confident in can shine out to prospective employers. 

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