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  • #SurroundedBySocial

    31 Aug 2015 BY Ria Dunlop

    Since joining the social media world, it has fascinated me to witness people sharing personal details with the billions of others using the channels.

    This open culture has encouraged confident people to shout louder and shy people to get heard directly with big brands, providing a space to both applaud and vent from a mobile device without the need to write a letter, submit a form or queue on a customer advice line. 

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  • Leaving the University Nest

    10 Aug 2015 BY Alison Hendry

    It’s been just over a year since I left university and began working life. My degree was in Business Studies; my final year included an Advertising Theories & Practice unit with a session on Advertising Agencies and how they operate. So when I landed at The Lane, I thought I would have it sussed! How wrong could I be?! The theory and reality are quite different, here’s what I’ve found:

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  • Fear & hope. Words of wisdom for aspiring creatives.

    01 Aug 2015 BY Ricky Stevens

    This just happens to be my first article. Ever.

    I've studied a lot. Read a lot. Listened a lot. Created a lot. Made a lot of mistakes. Laughed a lot. (Cried a little.)

    I’ve led many. Mentored many. Collaborated with many. Drank one too many. Learned from many. (Argued with a few.)

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