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  • Size does matter

    22 Sep 2015 BY Ross Mackie

    As online design becomes increasingly complex with users travelling from desktop and laptop to tablets and mobiles as their main browsing platforms, designers have to think from a mobile-first perspective. How will their design concepts look and be used on portrait and landscape, large and small. How are visitors going to use the site on different devices? How the navigation will work on touch screens?

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  • Raining Cats & Dogs

    15 Sep 2015 BY Jaimie Bell

    As a project manager, we often have curve balls coming at us from all angles; if there’s silence we start to feel a sense of unease. Our job is to problem-solve, to ask questions and lots of them. Every project has its own little hiccups and it’s how we prepare for them that will determine our success. I have a couple of top tips and learning’s I’ve taken from running projects over the years;

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  • Award Nominations and the #feelgoodfactor

    04 Sep 2015 BY Ali Findlay

    It's been another rewarding week at The Lane Agency as The Scottish Creative Awards announce their 2015 nominations and we’ve received a very flattering nine nominations across a variety of projects and clients.

    "... awards are of most value when they sustain the industry's feelgood factor and internal morale."

    Social media awards
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