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  • Inspiring Women Create Inspired Women

    08 Mar 2016 BY The Lane

    In support of International Women’s Day, we asked our female #Laners to give us an insight into the women who inspire them and why. The words below show that self-belief is never wasted. It’s a trait shared by all of the women nominated by our #Laners and it’s something that will always keep on giving through the example it sets to others.

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  • Channels v Ideas

    20 Nov 2015 BY Teddy Craig

    Which is more important - the original idea or the channel it's published on? The Lane Agency's community manager, Teddy Craig, has worked across numerous media channels and knows which side of the debate he's on.

    The Lane Agency's community manager, Teddy Craig, on Channels v Ideas
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  • 5 simple tips to help you create more accessible websites

    09 Nov 2015 BY Iris Winter

    Creating accessible websites is not only about creating content for screen readers and keyboard-only users; it is about creating websites that are easy to navigate, understand and operate by a diverse audience. But there is often a big gap between theory and practice.

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