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  • Our very own. #GirlsWhoCode #ChangeTheRatio

    05 Jun 2015 BY Ali Findlay

    We're delighted that @Iris Winter has joined the #Laners. Iris is our first female developer and we're pleased to be doing our bit to #ChangeTheRatio of #GirlsWhoCode at @The Lane Agency.

    Iris Winter
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  • Pitch Perfect Etiquette

    18 May 2015 BY Ali Findlay

    If you were a betting man or woman, would you spend £15 trying to win £50 in a game where the odds were 4 to 1? Chances are, probably not. But that’s what agencies do every week; they spend time and money equating to up to maybe 30% of the potential value of pitch. And up to five other agencies are probably doing exactly the same

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  • Guilty as charged. Stargazing

    19 Apr 2015 BY Ali Findlay

    I’ll admit that I had to be fully convinced of the value of entering awards – it takes a lot of time to put them together, matching criteria and creating the entries. Then a wise industry owl pointed out how motivational a shortlisting can be to colleagues and clients alike, so we took the plunge and selected the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards as these are about effectiveness, something I am happy to get excited about.

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