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  • If The Lane did Pancake Day for your brand...

    23 Feb 2017 BY teddy

    Pancake Day is coming up and the internet will be abuzz with ads, tweets, memes and more all trying to leverage carbohydrate’s favourite day. At The Lane, it’s very easy for us to say that if we were handling your account we’d do something that would make you stand out. The thing is, we’re creatives. That’s why we’ve decided to show you and not just tell you.

    If The Lane did social media content for the adult industry
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  • Content Strategy: 7 Reasons why you clicked on this article

    22 Nov 2016 BY teddy

    How important is the way in which content is structured when it comes to generating your desired effect? The Lane Agency's own Mystic Meg-alike, Teddy Craig, brings you the 7 reasons why you clicked on this article. Is he right? Find out whether his psychic-inspired exploration of content strategy resonates with you.

    7 Reasons why you clicked on this article. Cat image by My Photo Journeys and used under Creative Commons licence.
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  • What some social media professionals don't want you to know

    21 Nov 2016 BY teddy

    You should always feel in safe hands when you're working with an agency; that means working with a team that can explain things simply to you. The Lane Agency's Community Manager, Teddy Craig, guides you through what social media actually is and why you shouldn't feel out of your depth when discussing it.

    Social Media apps image by Jason Howie. Social Media article by Teddy Craig of The Lane Agency.
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