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05 Jun 2015
BY Ali Findlay

Our very own. #GirlsWhoCode #ChangeTheRatio

We're delighted that @Iris Winter has joined the #Laners. Iris is our first female developer and we're pleased to be doing our bit to #ChangeTheRatio of #GirlsWhoCode at @The Lane Agency.

Iris Winter

Here's our little 'Get to know Iris' and what she has to say about her route to joining our team at The Lane.

Study: I studied HND Visual Communication: New media at Telford, and then Computing Digital Media at Napier.

Ending up in Scotland: My dad is from Edinburgh so I visited a lot when I was younger and it has always felt like a second home to me. But I moved here to study in 2008 and never left.

Why Iris chose a career in development in the Creative Industries: I consider myself creative but I am not a designer. I can't draw at all. At the same time I've always loved problem solving and logic puzzles. Web development and game development is the perfect mix between code and visuals, I can use logic to produce something creative.

Outside work: I have few DIY projects! I also enjoy casual games and casual game development. Playing football and taking my two girls to the parks and swimming.

Myth-busting stuff about #GirlsWhoCode: I think being able to code is more a left-brain / right-brain thing than girl/boy. Having worked with many designers I find that I struggle to see details in design but find it easy to grasp technical concepts and patterns.

About The Lane: I love the work environment at the Lane. It is such a friendly yet professional atmosphere. I can work on exciting projects from start to finish and feel valued. I like that I can help shape the development processes and standards.

Good career? I think it is a great career for anyone who enjoys coding no matter what gender. I have to say that I have never felt prejudiced or not taken serously. I think when people realise that you are passionate about what you do and know what you know, people don't care about gender.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years? Playing an active role in growing the development team at The Lane.

The Lane is delighted to encourage male and female employees to #LeanIn and speak openly about achieving professional goals.

#ChangeTheRatio is an ongoing campaign/movement to increase visibility, access and opportunity for women in all walks of their professional lives. When a power list or major industry event lacks female representation, the Change the Ratio hashtag gets involved.