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19 Apr 2015
BY Ali Findlay

Guilty as charged. Stargazing

I’ll admit that I had to be fully convinced of the value of entering awards – it takes a lot of time to put them together, matching criteria and creating the entries. Then a wise industry owl pointed out how motivational a shortlisting can be to colleagues and clients alike, so we took the plunge and selected the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards as these are about effectiveness, something I am happy to get excited about.

Sally Stanley of the Marketing Society said:

  10 years on The Marketing Society Star Awards is firmly established in setting standards of excellence across all aspects of marketing….   I urge you to be brave, to go beyond your day to day job and demonstrate the value of your work by entering these awards. This will also help build our reputation as world leading marketing community and a great place to study, work and invest.

We couldn’t enter all of the case studies we might have liked to. Where no client pre-campaign analysis exists of the current position, it’s difficult to prove the ROI achieved by your work. So one thing we would strongly recommend is taking the time, and the budget, to analyse your pre, during and post campaign results – especially as it’s a great way of reinforcing a robust benchmarking approach to your client.

.Several of our campaigns however, fit the criteria perfectly and we were able to demonstrate a really impressive ROI. On Friday last week we received news that we had been shortlisted for no less than eleven awards, and I witnessed first-hand how motivated and excited both our team and our clients were. After all, everyone needs to know when the work they have done has been worthwhile, noted and noticed, appreciated and above all, effective.  Here’s what we’re up for:

Integrated Marketing


  • Caledonian MacBrayne – How The Lane Helped CalMac Come Home (and Turn the Tide)
  • Graham’s The Family Dairy – How all of Graham’s The Family Dairy’s Christmasses Came at Once

 Food & Drink

  • Border Biscuits – Driving Double-Digit Growth in the UK’s Crumbling Biscuit Market
  • Graham’s The Family Dairy – Helping Graham’s The Family Dairy Rise Above Commodity Status

Public Sector

 Tourism & Leisure

  • Caledonian MacBrayne – How The Lane Helped CalMac Come Home (and Turn the Tide)

Star Agency of the Year

 Agency Star of the Year

  • Ali Findlay, The Lane Agency

 Chairman’s Award for First Time Entrant – Agency

  • The Lane Agency

 We’re also thrilled to see three of our clients shortlisted:

Chairman’s Award for SME Client

  • Borders Biscuits

 Marketing Star of the Year

  • Cathy Craig, Caledonian Macbrayne
  • Carol Graham, Graham’s Family Dairy

 Star Marketing Team of the Year

  • Graham’s The Family Dairy (all agency team – Graham’s, Beeline, Threebrand & The Lane Agency

 And whatever happens on the night, the #Laners are feeling recognised, rewarded, raring to create contenders for 2016. And as for me, I stand both corrected and converted!