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Originally the medium used to reach the masses, but television has changed dramatically in the last few years – and we’re very much tuned in to those changes. Technology like Addressable TV (via Sky AdSmart) and Video On Demand services (such as the ITV Hub or All 4) allow for laser-guided ways of targeting specific audiences, right down to the viewer’s postcode in some cases.

Planning and buying TV for our clients involves using all our know-how and experience. As an independent agency, we believe in doing what will deliver for the client. Not what fits into our own specific broadcast deal commitments.


Using industry planning tools we seek out the most cost efficient station mix to reach your target audience wherever they might be listening from. Our recommendations might include standard spot advertising, promotions with a radio station or sponsorship of a particular show or strand (traffic, travel and weather for example). The rise of platforms like Spotify and digital audio exchanges (think Global’s DAX) and podcasts, have given advertisers and agencies the ability to get their message across to very specific audiences based on their gender, age range or preferred music and interest genres.